IT security

Protecting information, systems and networks with IT security

IT security serves to protect electronic information, e.g. in the cloud, in applications, systems or during transmission via networks, and the security of IT systems.

The purpose of IT security is to adequately and permanently guarantee the agreed availability, confidentiality and integrity of the electronically processed, stored, transported and archived information and of the applications, systems and networks necessary for its presentation and processing.

Reto Steinmann

Reto Steinmann
Head of Consulting


IT security architecture

We are your architect for comprehensive and future-oriented security solutions: From the conception of IT security to architecture design and architecture reviews, we advise and support you with best practice and are also the first port of call for second opinions.

Our topics:

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Penetration testing

With a penetration test, i.e. a technical security check, we identify vulnerabilities in a defined scope:

  • Network security
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • WLAN security

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IT security awareness

We train IT security awareness to reduce dangers that arise from negligent actions or inadequate knowledge.


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Cloud security assessments

We check the configuration and management as well as the technical and organisational framework conditions of your cloud platform:

  • M365 security check
  • Google app engine / Kubernetes security check
  • Azure security check
  • AWS security check

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