Electronic archiving

With electronic archiving for secure storage in accordance with GeBüV and FADP

Forgery-proof storage of physical and electronic information: We support you in the planning and implementation of projects to ensure the forgery-proof and legally compliant storage of your information and data in accordance with legal, technical and security aspects (e.g. Business Records Ordinance (GeBüV), Data Protection Act (FADP).

When it comes to setting up comprehensive archiving concepts - both in the area of physical and electronic archiving - we are at your side.

Bruno Schnarwiler

Bruno Schnarwiler
Managing Consultant


Concept archiving

How to guarantee the secure storage of your information in accordance with GeBüV and FADP!

  • Establishment of company-wide archiving processes and guidelines
  • Analyses of legally required retention periods
  • Development of deletion concepts
  • Operational organisation of the records management/archiving area
  • Development of filing plans
  • Documentation of archiving
  • Procedural principles for digitally signed documents
  • Access protection concept for physical and electronic archives
  • Concept and structure of the procedural documentation

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Implementation archiving

The GeBüV sets the rhythm. Efficiency, security and cost awareness make the music.

  • Preparation of specifications, quantity structures and requirement catalogues for the tendering for electronic archiving systems
  • Support in the product evaluation process
  • Implementation support for company-wide archiving procedures and instructions
  • Employee training

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Review of the GeBüV conformity

We check the legal compliance of your archive and the archiving systems used

  • Ensuring a high evidential value of your archival materials

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