With cybersecurity to comprehensive protection against threats

By cybersecurity, we mean all risks, measures, processes and tasks at the organisational and technical level for the identification, analysis and management of cyber threats and attacks.


Cybersecurity is much more than just IT security. Cybersecurity is an important part of information security with interfaces to crisis management, communication and business continuity management on the one hand and to IT security, data protection and information protection as well as IT processes.

Reto Steinmann

Reto Steinmann
Head of Consulting



Strategy and consultancy

Effective cybersecurity is based on a well thought-out strategy and begins with the advice and support of our cybersecurity specialists.

  • Advice and support for the development of the cybersecurity strategy
  • Risk management for dealing with cyber risks (as part of operational risks)
  • Definition of cybersecurity objectives
  • Implementation of necessary and appropriate cybersecurity measures
  • Optimal coordination of the areas of business continuity management and crisis management with the requirements of cybersecurity

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Conception, implementation and integration into the management system

We know how to manage cybersecurity and optimise your cybersecurity management system.

  • Definition, conception, implementation and review of corresponding security measures
  • Identification of sensitive data and critical systems through cyber threats
  • Effective monitoring for early detection of cyber threats and attacks
  • Ongoing review and optimisation of the cybersecurity management system
  • Carrying out of vulnerability scans and penetration tests


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