Crisis management

Ideally prepared for crises thanks to crisis management

With a well thought-out crisis management system, you will be able to deal with crises systematically and well prepared. Your company's crisis team is of crucial importance and the linchpin of crisis management. It depends on it whether and how your company masters a crisis. Good training, which optimally prepares the crisis team for its tasks, and regular training sessions are therefore indispensable.

Reinhard Obermüller

Reinhard Obermüller
Managing Consultant



Training crisis team

We ensure that your crisis team becomes as fit as possible to deal systematically and well prepared with crisis situations.

  • Role of the crisis team within the organisation and as the core of crisis management
  • Tasks of the crisis team before, during and after a crisis
  • Work processes in crisis management
  • Crisis team exercises

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Development crisis management

We support you with experience and best practice in the development of the crisis management system.

  • Development and review of your crisis management concept and manual
  • Provision of working tools for the crisis management team

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Virtual crisis management

In the event that your crisis team should also function when physical cooperation is not possible:

  • Provision of a virtual working environment for the crisis team
  • Training in the handling

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Stress test crisis management

The stress test shows you where your crisis management team stands and how effective your work processes are in crisis management.


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