Sensitise employees for security through awareness

Awareness of security-related issues is the focus of integral security and information security. Organisations must take targeted measures to guide and motivate their employees to act "securely". Different approaches lead to effective awareness.

Ken Vogel

Ken Vogel
Head of
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Security awareness campaigns

Adequate staff sensitisation raises security awareness and increases the level of security.

  • Conception of awareness campaigns
  • Monitoring the implementation of awareness measures
  • Measurement of results and recommendations for measures

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Awareness subscription

To keep security awareness on your radar, we regularly put together individual awareness packages for your company or individual teams.

  • Latest news
  • Blog posts
  • References to specific information events

And – if you like – with phishing attacks

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Security edutainments

The security edutainments introduce the topic of information security in an entertaining way and specifically promote the right action even in supposedly secure situations. They are particularly well suited as a component of an overarching awareness campaign.

  • Sustainable learning success for groups of 5 to 250 people.

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Expand your knowledge of information and IT security when and where you want to.

Important knowledge in three customisable modules:

  • Basics of IT and information security
  • E-mail and Internet
  • Passwords and on the move

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Social engineering / phishing

Social engineering is the planning and execution of attacks on information and systems by exploiting the "human vulnerability", including attacks such as email phishing.

Social engineering can be carried out from the perspective of an audit or from the perspective of awareness.

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