With the experience of the specialist

In the more than 30 years since our founding, we have accompanied and implemented well over 2000 projects at home and abroad. Our knowledge and know-how is correspondingly large. Our experience enables us to advise small and large organizations in a targeted manner with best practice and to convince them with individual solutions. Our personal best practice for good consulting and support? Listening attentively and meeting as equals.

International companies are provided with our services in German, English and French.

Good advice

for the following areas:

  • Risk management
  • Development and optimization of security organization
  • Implementation of security measures
  • Preparation for certification (ISO 27001/ISO 27701/etc.)
  • Development and revision of guidelines
  • Raising employee awareness
  • Awareness campaigns

Efficiently verified by auditing

There is no way around an audit or assessment to be sure that systems, processes and documentation are secure.

Our specialists efficiently review:

  • Documentations, guidelines, management systems
  • Technical systems
  • Networks and applications
  • Security organization
  • Processes and projects

Information security

Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information, regardless of how it is presented and stored.

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Data protection

Is omnipresent, accompanies us in everyday life and demands practice-oriented solutions and implementation proposals.

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IT security

Serves overall security and to protect electronic information in the cloud, in apps, on systems or during transmission over networks.

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Effective support

If personnel resources or internal expertise are lacking for the implementation of the outlined solutions, our support comes into play. As:

  • Consultant, trainer, coach, subject matter expert, specialist
  • Auditor, expert witness
  • Project manager, project staff
  • External functionaries such as data protection officer, data protection officer, Chief Information Security Officer

Integral security

Security seen as a whole and as subject areas

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Standardized checks of each desired scope

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Electronic archiving

Secure long-term storage in accordance with GeBüV and best practice

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Comprehensive protection against cyber threats

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Crisis management

Better prepared for crises with a well-trained crisis team

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Business Continuity Management

Well thought out and well prepared against risks

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Personnel and infrastructure security

Identify potential risks, threats and gaps at an early stage

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Raising people's security awareness

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