Our company mission statement


Our company

We want to consolidate and expand our position and our services. We want to be the competent consultant and trainer within our fields of activity and thus make an active contribution to the security of our customers.

Swiss Infosec AG is a leading independent and product-neutral consultancy and training institute in the field of integral security (information security, data protection, IT security, crisis management, business continuity management, physical security). As a consulting company, we support our clients in the conception, implementation and operation of solutions in the above-mentioned fields of activity. Within our training and further education offering, we offer our customers courses, thematic courses, workshops, events and company-specific training opportunities. In addition, Swiss Infosec AG offers its own tools such as eLearning and the Standardwerk (only in German).

The services we provide clearly stand out from other providers due to their competence, practical orientation and quality. We respond individually to our customers' needs and provide exactly the service they require. Within the framework of our services, our own products and in personal contact, we do everything we can to achieve a high level of satisfaction among our partners. We actively and continuously strive to improve and deepen our competences. We want to identify competence deficits early on and take steps to eliminate them. We continuously promote and ensure a high standard of safety in our activities, information, tools and facilities.

In all areas of our company, we focus on the continuous improvement of competence and quality. For our employees, high quality means meeting the agreed requirements with the lowest possible environmental impact and costs. We ensure that our standards are met through systematic quality and environmental management. Above-average performance should be the result.


Our employees

Our employees can rely on each other. We plan our workload together, relieve others and complete the tasks assigned to us independently, efficiently, on time and in accordance with quality standards.

 We encourage our employees to get involved in their field of activity and to develop personally. In this way, we create the most important prerequisite for the motivation of our employees and the success of our company and contribute to creating and offering secure and good quality jobs. Through balanced internal and external training programmes, we promote the individual further education of our employees.

 In our company, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, neither in terms of gender, religion, ideology or politics, nor with regard to origin, skin colour, etc. All employees may expect correct and open behaviour from their superiors. The management of employees shall take place in open communication and dialogue. We want to make operational and external connections visible and support each other in our work. We allow employees to share in the success of the company wherever possible. By promoting personal responsibility, creativity and critical judgement, we create together and within the management framework a working environment that enables employees to develop, expand and bring out their individual abilities.


Our customers

We continuously take the necessary measures to improve customer satisfaction.

Our customers and prospects are at the centre of our activities. This is expressed in our constant efforts to deal with our customers in a correct and friendly manner. The basis for this is comprehensive, solution-oriented and competent advice and products tailored to this. We do everything in our power to present ourselves to our customers as a unified company.


Our shareholders

We use the capital made available to us economically and strive to secure for the shareholders a company that is healthy in the long term.


Our suppliers

We select our suppliers based on our quality and environmental standards. Our suppliers have a loyal partner in us and we consciously promote good cooperation. The quality of the products and services is subject to permanent monitoring.


Our environment

We consider our environment to be an important asset worth protecting. We actively strive to continuously reduce environmental impacts that may result from our overall business activities. Material consumption, emissions and waste are to be avoided and reduced as far as economically viable.

Swiss Infosec AG's mission statement is regularly reviewed for accuracy and completeness with the involvement of the employees.



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