Social engineering and phishing

Social engineering and phishing attacks

In every company, in addition to technical safety measures, the "human factor" must also be taken into account. The best measures lose their effectiveness if you do not involve your employees.

The objective of social engineering is to exploit this very factor: To mislead employees into committing security mistakes or disclosing sensitive information. Social engineers often exploit people's helpfulness, insecurity, curiosity or credulity to achieve their goal.

Phishing attacks are probably the best-known form of social engineering and remain one of the biggest threats to companies, regardless of their size and industry.



We offer various services in the field of social engineering:

    • Social engineering via telephone call
    • Social engineering physically at your site
    • Simulated phishing attack via e-mail, SMS or social media
    • Attacks with USB sticks


Your added value

Test your employees to see if they can withstand a social engineering attack carried out by us (either on site or by telephone) or whether further awareness measures are required. With our simulated phishing attacks, you not only sensitise your employees, but also reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a ransomware attack or other information security incident. After conducting the simulated attacks, you will receive a detailed report on your employees' resilience to social engineering attacks.


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