Security Edutainments

Knowledge transfer in a playful way

Swiss Infosec AG's security edutainments combine education with entertainment and raise employees' awareness of information security and data protection in an entertaining way. They are tailored to company-specific needs and are particularly well suited as a component of an overarching awareness campaign.


Clear the stage for security

Our specialists for information security and data protection bring the topic of security onto the stage and impart security knowledge in the truest sense of the word in a playful way. During 45 to 60 minutes of role-playing, they discuss correct behaviour in an entertaining way, even in supposedly secure situations. They present stumbling blocks and show tips and tricks on how to avoid them. The audience is actively involved.


Simple - efficient - successful

Security edutainment increases learning motivation and makes learning easier and more efficient. Aha experiences are guaranteed because the situations reflect everyday life and technical terms and IT abbreviations are avoided. This ensures lasting learning success.


The most important at a glance

Topic:   Awareness
Content:   Information security, data protection; addition of company-specific needs on request
Method:   Role play, linking education and entertainment, involving the audience
Duration:   45 to 60 minutes
Group size:   5 – 250 people
Location:   on site at the company
  • Sensitise employees to information security issues
  • Consolidate security knowledge
  • Communicate the right way to act in supposedly secure situations
  • Enable employees to make their own contribution to greater security.

Your first step towards educational and entertaining awareness

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