eLearning course Information and IT Security

Employee training with the eLearning course Information and IT Security increases security


eLearning-Kurs Informations- und IT-Sicherheit


No matter how big your company is, information and IT security always play an important role. With our eLearning course, the risk of data theft, hacker attacks, viruses, etc. can be reduced and security increased.



The course uses concrete examples in three modules of approx. 20 minutes each to show the dangers surrounding information and IT security in everyday life. With concrete tips, practical instructions and exercises, your employees learn rules of conduct to recognise dangers in time and to protect your company and themselves from data misuse and mistakes. A final test rounds off the course.

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Module 1 - Principles

Introduction to IT and information security, attack target humans, malware / malicious software, around the workplace, confidential information, dumpster diving.


Modul 2 - E-Mail and internet

Secure use of e-mail and internet, social media, harmful mails, fake links, dealing with unsafe mails


Modul 3 – Passwords and on the move

Handling passwords, password check, prevention, what to do in case of loss, using the internet on the move


Your benefit

With the use of the eLearning course, your company benefits from the following advantages:

  • Awareness: Your employees know where dangers lurk and how they must handle data and business information in order to protect themselves and your company from errors and possible attacks.
  • Verifiability: You achieve written verifiability of the knowledge transfer on the topic of information and IT security and thus comply with your specified guidelines.
  • Individual customisation: you can easily integrate your company-specific learning content into the course sequence.
  • Company-wide use: You can use this eLearning course throughout your company without having to operate your own learning platform. If you already have an easylearn system in your organisation, these courses can of course be integrated there.


The eLearning course Information and IT Security was created in close cooperation with easylearn ag.


Course excerpt (german)

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